A meeting in the fairtrade wine co-operative Viñas Caupolican.

My name is Theis Bruun; I’m an intern from the Business Academy Copenhagen, where I study marketing economics. I work along side the administration of Viñas Caupolican in an effort to expand their market reach to Scandinavia.

The administration of the co-operative likes to inform the 18 growers in the group, this is why they meet at least once every month. The state is only obligating the co-operatives to meet once every year, but this way decision-making would be based on few people and most times on outdated information. This is why the administration of Viñas Caupolican is focusing on informing their members, and counting everyone in on the decision-making. Transparency is alsoa reason for the meetings; the administration wants to eliminate any doubt the members might have about what they are doing.

A typical meeting is starting with the export director, Eliana Astaburuaga readingthe agenda. Often the group is sitting in a circle of half circle facing each other and a wall where the administration will put up posters with the information for the meeting. In the co-operative everyone is equal, the growers who just have 1haof land is heard and is taking as seriously as the ones with 9ha of land. Sometimes the discussions will get heated, but in a democratic and a very calm way does the group as a whole come up with a solution or a future plan of action.

One of the most important things for the growers is the prima, the social bonus, which is granted when the co-operative sells the fairtrade wine. The prima pays for the growers dental- and healthcare and the university education of the youth to name a few.

The meetings is usually ending up in a social get together where everything else but business is discussed. Most of the growers live in or around the town SegradaFamilia, so they got a lot of in common.