Supported by INDAP reach the world through Fair Trade.
Three containers of wine, 24,000 liters each, produced in the province of Curicó by members of Vinas Caupolicán were exported this month to England, through the system of Fair Trade initiative that will be placed in the demanding European palates, Maulino strains of small producers.

This is the first shipment of wines made abroad, 20 small producers who make up the company Viñas Caupolicán, made four years ago and has been consistently supported both advice and resources for investment, the Ministry of Agriculture INDAP through.

Paola Parra, manager of the company, indicates that this foray into the British market, was made possible by systematic and persevering work. “It is the fruit of the persistence and tenacity of the group and believe it is possible, because if we had not been together this would not have been possible.”

Export bulk wine was and reached a price 33% higher than what is paid in the domestic market, which for these small farmers has represented an excellent business. “To this we must add the fair trade premium, which will spend to support higher education for the children of our partners, among other initiatives. Our company is supported by the business management program INDAP, partners received funds for the purchase of inputs and fertilizers and were benefiting from a development program investment, through which we acquire two stainless steel tanks, with a capacity for 100,000 liters, which has allowed us not having to pay for wine storage concept. ”

These producers sell their wine in the domestic market, both bulk and packaged under the brand “Machitum” which evokes nature and the feminine power of the earth. They also sell a part of their grapes to other companies, which producers receive a price that is higher than that paid in the market.

The successful business by this vineyard, was valued by the regional director of INDAP Luis Vega Verdejo, who highlighted the good management of the company by leveraging the various bodies that have to improve their productivity. “This is a clear example that the producer can achieve better dividends. In addition they have beaten doors and have dared to innovation, which is very valuable to achieve good results in foreign markets. The example of these farmers is even better, since they have managed to open up a space in England, despite the difficult situation of the European economies.

For the head area INDAP Curico, Mario Caraves, despite lower prices this year is being canceled by grape farmers working with INDAP, especially through programs of technical assistance and productive partnerships are getting better prices for production. “In INDAP Curicó we work with more than 200 farmers who are under our technical assistance programs as well as primary or secondary category. They are producers who know how to work the field and have been incorporating technology into their vineyards. We have two productive partnerships and two companies that are exporting to different countries through fair trade. “