This contribution is part of the Fairtrade premium we received from exporting wines to England.
On behalf of the Society of Small vintners we Caupolican want to express the profound joy that means for us now. After more than 6 years have started our cooperative venture, we can extend the benefits of fair trade and partnership work to the community. This principle of solidarity is fundamental for us, that the benefits do not end in a small group but be extended to a larger number of people.

Fair trade is a way of doing business where the producer of the raw material by paying a fair price for their production are respected. also requires that there be a respect for the environment by banning certain chemicals that are very harmful to human health and that all labor rights are met, paying the impositions all workers (including seasonal) and not allowing them to work children crops.

Being able to deliver this contribution for the construction of a library in a school is of great importance, because we believe that education and reading are fundamental to the development of peoples pillar and an effective way of overcoming poverty. This educational establishment was chosen for the donation at a meeting of members after the suggestion of our vice president of Viñas Caupolican and neighbor Don Hugo Nuñez School.

Caupolican process began in 2007 after a fierce drop in the price of grapes that affected small grape growers. Not only we were in the protest but we decided to organize and assemble this associative enterprise. We put our best effort, confidence and willingness to work together to overcome difficulties that often involve working together such as mistrust and impatience. But with transparency, communication, and support of some institutions such as Indap, the Municipality of Sagrada Familia, ProChile and Corfo have gained a strengthened cooperative enterprise that makes good business and improved the quality of life of our partners and now make extended to the community.

Cooperative work is very important because small farmers in Chile is very difficult to survive in the future and thus the land will increasingly concentrated.

We hope augurs well for our future business to continue contributing to this school and others.