International Fair Trade Day

“We were present at the celebration of the International Fair Trade Day”

We reproduce the presentation made by our principal, Teresa Canete, on the international day of the trade fair which was held on May 10 in the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I come from the commune of Sagrada Familia, Curico province, want to tell you a little story of how we certify and has served as Fair Trade.

My father had a small plot acquired with much effort, had vineyard and was happy because he liked the field.

But bad times came and had to pull it out, but as he was stubborn replanted in 99, as the price was bad grape but he kept giving the fight. During that time he died.

That started with my youngest to go ahead as he wanted brother.

We knew who had gathered a group of small grape growers and went to their meetings. We am very excited because we said “Unity is strength”.

So we began to meet up with the rest, we internalize everything was and we liked it.

I remember that in 2007 payment up to $ 40 per kilo of wine grapes at the end of that historical catastrophe we decided to partner for a just, sustainable and regular price over time toiling for Fairtrade certification. We started working together in monthly meetings and government support for a year and a half, we clarify the cohesion and raise the money needed to start the application for certification of fair trade in October 2008, finally getting it in June 2009.

Now step to tell you how it has served us fair trade.

I as a producer and director of the group and also representative of the group premium, which we have thanks to fair trade, I feel how nice this group is that we are several women who are actively involved, for example the manager is a woman, the President and raw committee are two women and one man, six women producers.

Fair Trade has helped us to have a better quality of life, to sell our grapes at a better price, we acquired machinery both personally and for the company and improve our properties, we also joined partners to share our experiences, we share coffee, lunch, celebrate Easter all together to share a little present.

With the premium we receive through trade just like small farmers we have had many achievements for the group and also personally, for example:

Health: we help all partners and their burdens, money back refund slips against drugs and bonds. My particular case have experience with the health contribution for my mother who is 91 years old and needs a lot of drugs for their operations and constant visits to the doctor.

Education: producers have several children that we have helped with his studies, some of which are already professionals, including my granddaughter has its title sicopedagoga thanks to fair trade, others are still in primary and secondary.

Inputs: help to buy and improve the quality of the grape. All partners have a list of banned so they know what they should not be used to avoid damaging the environment.

Impositions: Helps pay impositions of seasonal workers. Thus we have achieved our partners to make him contract grape harvesters and break the informality that usually exists in agriculture.

It helps the community: For example last year we focused on a rural school and he made a contribution so that they could make the construction of a library of 60 m2.
We also have a catastrophic item help for members.

All this thanks to Fairtrade !!!!